Legal services in the field of medicine and health protection

Legal services in the field of medicine and health protection

Medical assistance has been provided to you. However, you consider that your rights to health care are violated or you are not satisfied with the quality of the service (treatment, operation). At this time you can contact the law firm "Mirzayev and Partners Legal Firm". Our company's medical practitioners will effectively resolve any problem. An experienced lawyer will carefully study your case and identify the fact of infringement of the patient's rights by a medical institution or doctor, and will be able to establish justice and pay compensation for moral damages.

Lawyers of our company serve not only patients, but also doctors and medical institutions.

The following legal services are available at Mirzayev and Partners Legal Firm:

- Legal aid related to violation of the legislation on provision of medical and social assistance;

- Treatment in a medical institution, surgery, misdiagnosis and so on. Legal aid for the compensation of damages caused to health;

- Legal assistance related to medical expertise (including legal aid for disability);

- Legal aid related to the regulation of private medical practice and private medical practice (import of medicines and medical supplies, performing specific procedures for engaging in private medical practice, preparing a set of documents for appealing to relevant authorities);

- Participation and assistance in negotiating disputes between a patient and a medical institution;

- Protection and social protection of rights of patients, medical and pharmaceutical workers;

- Providing medical and legal advice according to the legislation.



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